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5 key things to know while buying Health Insurance | Healthomot

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

We should be very careful and seek as many details as possible while buying Health Insurance to ensure, when we need it the most, it does stand up for us !

Some of the keys are:

1. Age Criteria

Understand that your premium could be significantly impacted by the age of the insured. It could very well happen that the Price that you see on the website of the Insurer or online websites could be significantly different from the price that you would be asked to pay, based on the age of the person you are trying to insure. Upper and lower limits of age criteria should be enquired especially, if you are buying the policy for your whole family.

2. Premium should not be the only deciding factor even if you have less to pay

If somebody has offered you prices significantly lower than offered first hand, ask the reason for reduced prices. Look out for any deductibles, co-payment, poor sub limits, which can have a lot of impact when you go for claims.

3. Waiting period

Look out if the plan has any waiting period which does not allow Claims during the set period. There could be different waiting periods -

(A) for the entire policy

(B) for pre existing diseases

(C) for specified diseases

Get this part clarified with the provider before going ahead.

4. Day care coverage, Pre and post hospitalization

Usually, you might be required to have a minimum of 24 hours hospital admission to be able to cover. You would have incurred costs on diagnostics and lab tests, consultations, and other expenses. Check if the plan specifies if these expenses are covered. If yes, for how many before, and how many days after hospitalization would be would be the limit for these coverages.

Some expenses for procedures can be claimed even if you are not admitted, if your policy allows so. Look out if your policy covers the same.

5. Cashless and network hospitals

Health Insurance companies have tie ups with Network hospitals. Check which hospitals near you are covered under their network. This can save you from a lot of paper-work and reimbursement complications, if you have higher chances of approaching a hospital that’s within their network.

Please note that these are just 5 key things, and you need to watch out and read all the documents shared with you carefully before going ahead.

If you still have a lot of doubts to be cleared around Health Insurance, but don’t want to be bombarded with Spam calls and marketing messages, feel free to write to Healthomot at or WhatsApp “Hi” at +91 7899822434. We, Healthomot, shall respond to you as early as possible.

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