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Who are we ?

We are a Health Tech company predominantly focused on making premium healthcare affordable to all.

We do this by selling highly affordable health plans which gives a universe of benefits ranging from Doctor consultations, Nutritionist, Lab tests, a personal health manager, a Healthomot Angel (your nurse at home, who also takes you to hospitals and clinics when required),  Cashbacks on medical bills at all Healthomot zones across India. Medicine and exercise reminders post doctor consultation.Vitals check and annual health checkups

Why do we do this ?

India's statistics of impact due to lack of financial access to Healthcare is stunning. The problems in this segment are startling and requires an immediate solution.

More than 2 million Indians die annually due to preventable and treatable conditions at primary healthcare level 

24 out of 1000 children between 5-14 years of age pass away in India, annually due to poor quality healthcare. 

60 million Indians are pushed into poverty every year, due to Out of Pocket expenditure (OOPE) on healthcare.

70% is OOPE out of India's total healthcare expenditure. 95% out of this OOPE is spent at points without any financial/health coverage schemes. 89% of OOPE is spent on Medicines + Labs + Private clinics (67%) & Private hospitals(22%). Additional 8% is spent on Emergency and transportation.

Healthomot is focused on solving these problems in the best way possible. We are a mission driven organization.

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